Club Meetings

Wallsend Athletic Club Inc conducts a General Committee & Club Meeting the first Friday of each month (except January).  These are held at Diggers Sporties Wallsend, Federal Park or Zoom (depending on current COVID rules). 

The meeting starts at 7.30pm and runs for 2 hours, but you can leave early at any time. We need comments and advice on how to improve the running of the club for our members.

Everyone gets a turn to discuss issues that concern them, and all suggestions are discussed seriously with fresh ideas welcome.


The committee for the 2022/2023 season are as follows:

Patron Ms Sonia Hornery  
Hon Vice Presidents Mrs Joyce Pepperall Mrs Julie Anne Grey
  Mrs Sue Lewis  
  Mr Peter Moore Mr John Cobb
President  Lee Grant  
Senior Vice President Peter Herd Karren Watson
Club Vice President Peter Watson  
Club Secretary Hayley Peterson  
Club Treasurer Karren Watson  
Club Administrator Paul Goeldner  
Senior Registrar Robert Browne  
Little Athletics Registrar Breanna Grant  
Recorder Therese Whitehead  
Athlete Captains Fiona Gibson Robert Browne
Coaching Director Paul Goeldner  
School Liason Officer Fiona Gibson  
Publicity Team Robert Browne Melissa Holohan
  Paul Goeldner  
Safety Officer Paul Goeldner  
Member Protection Karren Watson Lee Grant
Newcastle NAFMI Peter Watson Peter Herd
Port Hunter Zone Robert Browne  
Athletics NSW Peter Herd Peter Watson
Ground Officers Dave Browne Max Teasdale
  Peter Watson Peter Herd
  Robert Browne  
Equipment Officers Max Teasdale  
  Peter Watson  
  Dave Browne  
Club Executive Commitee Lee Grant (President) Peter Herd (Snr VP)
  Peter Watson (VP) Karren Watson (Treasurer)
  Hayley Peterson (Sec) Paul Goeldner (Administrator)
  Breanna Grant (LA Reg) Robert Browne (Snr Reg)
  Therese Whitehead  Max Teasdale