A “ZONE” is a collection of LA centres close together and they compete to select their best athletes who can then go on to represent them at the REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. We are a member of the PORT HUNTER ZONE. 

U7 athletes receive medals on the day and do not progress to Regional. (WARNING: As STATE is a 3 day program, the day of your event at State may be different to Zone and Regional). 

2023/4 Season

When: Sat 25th + Sunday 26th November 2023

Where:Newcastle Athletic Field, Newcastle West

Program 2023

Team Manager/s: ??? Will be on Facebook when confirmed

Contact Number: ??? 

(The above will be updated when details are confirmed)

Championship Useful Information

- The Wallsend GAZEBOS are free for all our club member families to use. Set up your own tents near us if possible so we can help each other. When we all help each other the weekend is much easier and more fun.

- Let Team manager know you and your child have arrived. 

- Listen to the announcements. You are responsible for arriving at your event on time. Each event is called twice only.

-First field events of the day- athletes usually go straight to the event area.  Proceed to track marshalling tent for track events. After first round of field events need to go to field marshalling tent when event is called. 

- Uniform - Make sure in club uniform with registration number, age and Coles patch on.  Your child w=-ill not be allowed to compete without correct numbers.

- Track events take precedence over field events so if 2 occur at the same time, sign on at field event if you have time before reporting to track marshalling. If you are already at a field event, a clash manager will come and pick you up when your race is about to start.

- If your child qualifies for Regional, let us know. You can order a shirt via team manager. These are momentos and optional and not required for competition. Club uniform is worn during races at Regional and State.

- If you want to protest a result of a race or event, this can only be done via the Team Manager although U13- U17 can object and ask for reasons and rule clarifications from officials at the time a problem occurs. 

- If you get injured, let us know. St. John’s Ambulance is available but we carry the club first aid kit. Before you go home, let us know.

- All athletes entering will require a parent to help at an event or canteen. The club will be given our jobs 1-2 weeks before carnival and a roster will be first in first choice. Parent helpers should take water/ hat/ sunscreen/ sunglasses with them to their jobs! Wear light coloured footwear or your feet will cook in the sun. Parent helpers must have enclosed footwear for safety- no thongs or sandals!