Coaching And Accreditation

The Club offers general coaching to all athletes under 6 to Masters and is conducted on each THURSDAY during the summer season.

Coaching commences at 5.00pm to 6.00pm     

During the daylight saving period coaching time is 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

Whist every effort is made to cover all events there are restrictions due to coaches work times and availability.

There are some specialist coaching groups conducted on other days covering specific events, these sessions are organized by the coaches



SPRINTS Peter Watson
MIDDLE DISTANCE Peter Watson, Paul Goeldner
LONG JUMP Peter Watson,  Robert Browne
TRIPLE JUMP Peter Watson,  Robert Browne
SHOT PUT   Dave Browne,  Max Teasdale
DISCUS Melissa Holahan, Margaret Holahan
JAVELIN  Hayden Steele, Heather Scott
HAMMER Melissa Holahan, Heather Scott, Margaret Holahan



What You Need To Know If You Are Thinking About Getting Involved As A Coach

There are many reasons why you may want to start coaching or learn more about coaching.

The NSW Athletics Workforce Development Program will help you to confidently contribute to the sport in a role and at a level to which you aspire.

Is Coaching For You?

A passion for learning is the main key to developing as a coach.

You don’t have to have been good at, or even have done athletics yourself.

Where Do I Start?

Some ways to get started in coaching or learn more about coaching include:

  • Attend a course, workshop or conference
  • Enrol in an online coaching course
  • Observe/assist established coaches
  • Work with a coaching mentor
  • Read about coaching via books, magazines, blogs or websites
  • Listen to coaching-related podcasts
  • Follow reputable coaches and coaching organisations on social media
  • Phone or email Little Athletics NSW or Athletics NSW for advice

Which Course Should I Undertake?

Check Out LANSW Coaching page here

Level 1 Community Athletics Coach